Rules & Regulations

Borghese Gallery’s admission policies

The Borghese Gallery operates with a timed entrance system to regulate the flow of visitors. It is mandatory to book tickets in advance, choosing a specific time slot to enter the museum. It is important to arrive on time as latecomers may not be granted entry. Tickets come in a regular price, with reductions available for young adults aged 18-25, and free admission for visitors under 18, though they must still be acquired beforehand.
  • Reservation: Visitors are required to make a reservation to secure their spot. You can book through third-party providers or the official website.
  • Time of visits: The gallery opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday, 9 AM to 7 PM, with the last entrance at 5 PM. The Gallery is closed on Mondays, December 25th, and January 1st.
  • Accessibility: Villa Borghese is accommodating to visitors with disabilities, offering accessibility routes, and wheelchairs free of charge. The garden is also accessible, offering a serene environment to relax before or after viewing the Baroque art inside.
  • Transport: Visitors with a Roma Pass can access the Borghese Gallery, which also offers a reduced rate for public transport. It is possible to reach the gallery via many transport options, including metro, bus or taxi.
  • Guided Tours: For an in-depth experience of the Borghese Gallery, there are professionally guided tours available. These tours can deepen the understanding of the museum's renowned collection, including masterpieces of Baroque art. For those preferring self-guided exploration, an audio guide can be rented to learn more about the Gallery’s exhibits at your own pace.

Borghese Gallery general rules of conduct


Photography without flash is permitted inside the Borghese Gallery, allowing visitors to capture their experiences without harming the artworks.

Bags and Backpacks

Upon arrival, guests are required to leave larger items such as backpacks and umbrellas in the cloakroom. Small fanny packs and purses no larger than 21 x 15 cm are allowed inside, ensuring the safety and preservation of the artworks.


To protect the art and maintain clear walkways, strollers must be left in designated areas at the gallery entrance.

Food and beverages

The consumption of food or beverages, including any form of liquids, is strictly prohibited within the Borghese Gallery to protect the artworks from potential damage. While the gallery does not host restaurants, visitors can find several dining options in the vicinity, including those near the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain.


The Borghese Gallery takes security seriously, so visitors may have to go through a routine check upon entering.

Villa Borghese Garden

While the Borghese Gallery is the main attraction, the encompassing garden of Villa Borghese is also subject to regulations to keep the area pristine for all visitors. Snacks and water can be enjoyed in the garden areas surrounding the museum.

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