The Bioparco of Rome

Bioparco di Roma overview

Situated within the historic Villa Borghese gardens, Bioparco di Roma stands as a testament to Rome's dedication to wildlife preservation and education. Occupying 42 acres of lush landscape, it provides a sanctuary for diverse species and a green escape in the heart of Italy's bustling capital, Rome.

Historically, the Bioparco dates back to 1911 and has evolved from a traditional zoo to a modern conservation center. At the Piazzale del Giardino Zoologico, visitors are welcomed into an area where history and biodiversity coexist. The once private estate now dedicates its resources to the welfare and study of over 1,000 animals, emphasizing wildlife conservation and environmental education.

With a focus on conservation and research, Bioparco actively participates in European breeding programs to sustain endangered species. Educational programs for all ages are integral to its mission, seeking to foster a connection between visitors and the natural world.

The official Bioparco website provides detailed information on exhibits, species housed, and the ongoing efforts in wildlife conservation. It serves as a resource for planning visits and learning about the Bioparco's role within the realm of global biodiversity.

Combo Borghese Gallery & Rome Bioparco Tickets


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The Borghese Gallery and Rome Bioparco combo ticket offers art, history, and wildlife exploration in one. Visit the Borghese Gallery to see masterpieces by Caravaggio, Raphael, and Bernini. Stroll through Villa Borghese's gardens, then explore Bioparco di Roma's diverse wildlife and conservation efforts. Tickets include escorted entry to both attractions.


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Visiting the Bioparco Zoo

Bioparco tickets and pricing

Adult Tickets: €18

Children Tickets (under 10): €14

Toddler Tickets (under 1 meter height): Free

Tickets can be used any weekday or holiday and are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. There is also the option to purchase on-location withing the last 2 hours before closing time for a reduced price of €9.

Bioparco map and attractions

Bioparco di Roma provides an interactive map at the entrance and online, guiding visitors through various habitats and exhibits. Highlights include:

- The Sea Lion Enclosure with underwater viewing points

- The Lion Enclosure, showcasing these majestic big cats

- A play area for children, and a picnic area for families to relax

Bioparco events and entertainment

Bioparco di Roma hosts regular events, like animal feedings and educational talks, adding to the visitor's experience. Live entertainment often includes performances that cater to a variety of age groups:

- Education: Animal encounters and guided tours provide insightful learning experiences

- Experiences: Specialized tours, such as behind-the-scenes looks, can be booked in advance

Bioparco amenities and services

The zoo is equipped with comprehensive services to enhance the visitor experience:

- Bioparco di Roma is wheelchair accessible

- Restrooms are available throughout the park

- Eating options range from quick snacks at a bar to sit-down meals

- Visitors can browse the zoo shop for souvenirs and gifts

Choose a Bioparco ticket

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Explore Rome's Bioparco, one of Italy's oldest zoos, and enjoy a day with exotic wildlife from around the globe. Dive into conservation efforts and educational programs within its lush botanical settings. Perfect for families, the park offers close encounters with hippos, giraffes, tigers, and more.


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The Bioparco of Rome offers a fast-track ticket for an immersive zoo experience, featuring a diverse array of animals and over 1,000 species of trees. It's a child-friendly attraction emphasizing biodiversity conservation and endangered species protection. Activities include animal meet-and-greets and feeding sessions. The zoo prioritizes animal welfare, meeting their nutritional and behavioral needs.


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Planing a visit to Rome's Bioparco Zoo

Getting to the Bioparco

Bioparco di Roma is well connected to the city. For those opting for public transportation, multiple bus lines, as well as the modern tram system, service the area, making the journey as convenient as possible.

Detailed directions and transport options can be found when planning your route to Villa Borghese, the historic park that houses the zoo. The main entrance of Bioparco is conveniently located at Viale del Giardino Zoologico, and there are clear signs to guide visitors from the park to the zoo.

Nearby attractions

Adjacent to Bioparco, the sprawling Villa Borghese gardens offer a serene escape with shaded walkways, picturesque landscapes, and inviting museum hideaways.

For those looking to explore ancient history, the iconic Colosseum is a short distance away, and easily reachable, providing a full day of cultural immersion.

This proximity to other points of interest allows visitors to complement their zoo experience with a tour of Rome's seminal attractions.

Animal exhibits at the Bioparco


The mammal enclosures are designed to mimic natural habitats, allowing animals like the majestic Asian elephant and the playful California sea lion to thrive. Notable exhibits include the Orangutan habitat and the home of African wild dogs. The park's commitment to offering spacious and enriching environments is exemplified in the expansive spaces for lions, tigers, and bears, and the specially designed enclaves for smaller mammals such as the binturong.


Bioparco's aviaries are a highlight, with the Great Aviary allowing birds like the colorful emu and the regal African penguin ample room to display their natural behaviors. Structured with attention to detail, the aviaries create a complex and stimulating environment, providing an important refuge for avian species and helping visitors appreciate the diversity of bird life.


In the climate-controlled Reptile House, visitors discover a world of scales and cold-blooded creatures. The exhibit spotlights species like the prehistoric-looking alligator snapping turtle and the unusual spider tortoise, along with the vibrant common agama. Each enclosure is carefully maintained to replicate the specific environmental needs of these reptiles, ensuring their wellbeing and offering an authentic guest experience.

Endangered species

Dedicated to conservation, the Endangered Species Exhibit offers a sobering look at the plights of various animals teetering on the brink of extinction. Standout species include the critically endangered Sumatran tiger, the maned wolf, and the striking white rhino. This exhibit serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of wildlife and the importance of preservation efforts.

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