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Overview of Borghese Gallery Private Tours

Borghese Gallery, or Galleria Borghese, is a treasure trove of art located in the heart of Rome's Villa Borghese. This museum houses a remarkable collection that includes sculptures, paintings, and antiques. Among the collection, artworks by masters such as Bernini, Caravaggio, and Raphael stand out, showcasing the depth of Italy's artistic heritage.

Private tours of the Borghese Gallery offer an exclusive and more intimate way of experiencing the museum. With a private guide, visitors receive personalized attention and insights into the history and significance of the artworks. The benefits of a private tour at the Borghese Gallery include:
  • Duration:  Approximately 2 hours
  • Skip-the-line tickets: prioritized entry, saving valuable time
  • Expert guide: in-depth knowledge of art history and the collection
  • Tailored experience: the tour can be customized to the your interests
Private tours usually extend for about 2 hours, a duration that allows a comprehensive view of the gallery's highlights without overwhelming the visitor. These tours are particularly fitting for art enthusiasts and anyone interested in a deeper understanding of the historical context surrounding the artworks. The private tour ensures that the visit is as educational as it is enjoyable, without the hustle of larger group tours. The serene atmosphere of Villa Borghese further enhances the experience, making the Borghese Gallery Private Tour not just an art viewing but an event in itself.

Choose a Borghese Gallery Private Tour

Borghese Gallery Premium Semi-Private Tour


90+ reviews

Enjoy a 2-hour, skip-the-line Borghese Gallery tour in Rome, featuring key artworks by Caravaggio, Bernini, Titian, and more. With an expert guide, delve into the collection's intriguing history, including tales of art theft and passion. See masterpieces like Bernini's Apollo and Daphne, and marvel at the villa's architecture and gardens.


  • Admission Ticket for the Borghese Gallery
  • 2h guided tour of the Borghese Gallery
  • Art historian English-speaker guide
  • Headset equipment to listen to your guide
  • Tour group of maximum 4 people
  • Available in German, Russian, English, Italian, French and Spanish

Best price per person*:


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Borghese Gallery Private Tour with Historian Guide


60+ reviews

Explore Rome's baroque art on an exclusive tour starting at the Borghese Gallery with its exquisite art collection. Visit Villa Borghese gardens and Piazza del Popolo, touring Santa Maria del Popolo church and its Caravaggio masterpieces with an expert guide by your side.


  • Admission Ticket for the Borghese Gallery
  • Expert English-speaking historian guide
  • 2h guided tour of the Borghese Gallery
  • Guided tour of Santa Maria del Popolo
  • Wheelchair and stroller accessible
  • Free cancellation.
  • Available in German, English, Italian, French and Spanish

Best price per person*:


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Private Borghese Gallery Tour with Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off


10+ reviews

Enjoy a private tour of Rome's Borghese Gallery and the Villa Borghese gardens. This experience Includes hotel pickup and drop-off and a guide to tell you all about Raphael, Caravaggio and Bernini’s artworks.


  • Admission Ticket for the Borghese Gallery
  • 2h guided tour of the Borghese Gallery
  • Expert English-speaking guide
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Free cancellation
  • Available in English, Italian, French, Spanish and German

Best price per person*:


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Borghese Gallery Private Tour: Explore the Masterpieces by Bernini Caravaggio and Raphael


8+ reviews

On a 3-hour private tour, discover the Borghese Gallery's treasures within the 17th-century palace. Enjoy a collection that spans sculptures, ancient mosaics, and paintings by Caravaggio, Raphael, Bernini, and more, all under the guidance of an expert.


  • Admission Ticket for the Borghese Gallery
  • 3h guided tour of the Borghese Gallery
  • Expert guide
  • Available in English and Italian

Best price per person*:


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*in a group of 2 people

Planning your private Borghese Gallery visit

Booking a Borghese Gallery private tour

To book a Borghese Gallery private tour, you should reserve your tickets in advance due to limited availability. Tickets are typically available from Tuesday to Sunday. Skip-the-line options are also available and highly recommended for those who want to maximize their time at the gallery.

Borghese Gallery guided tour experience

A guided tour experience provides a deep dive into the history and secrets behind the masterpieces. Professional guides, often expert art historians, offer rich narratives and contextual information during guided visits which typically last around 2 hours. Opting for a private guide can tailor the tour to specific interests and enhance the experience.

Languages offered for Borghese Gallery private tours

While the most common language for tours is English or Italian, some private tours also offer a variety of other languages to cater to international tourists – mostly French, Spanish and German. It's important to confirm language availability when booking to ensure the tour aligns with your needs.

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